Comprehensive strengthening and conditioning can improve mobility and facilitate a healthier lifestyle. We help promote overall strength of upper body, lower body, spine, and core! We do not only focus on legs.
One of the primary goals in physical therapy is to increase patient strength and mobility, thereby maximizing independence and quality of life. This can be achieved by a treatment plan which incorporates muscle strengthening and conditioning.

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The process of conditioning a muscle means to train that muscle to perform in a certain way. The first time a patient engages in an exercise routine, they may feel as though they have to exert a tremendous amount of effort to complete the routine, yet through the process of muscle conditioning and strengthening, they eventually find that the routine becomes easier and easier. Muscles which are not often used are by definition far weaker than those which are used every day. When a group of muscles repeatedly engage in a certain movement, such as catching a ball, playing the piano, dancing or completing a workout routine, that movement eventually becomes semi-automatic. This is known as muscle memory.   
Patients who are recovering from a neurological trauma, such as a spinal cord injury or stroke may find that they are unable to utilize certain parts of their body. A physical therapist will work with these patients to develop a treatment plan which focuses upon strengthening other muscles to make up for the loss. For example, a patient who experiences total or partial paralysis in their legs can compensate for the loss by engaging in a physical therapy program which places emphasis upon strengthening other parts of the body, such as the arms, back, spine and core.
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