Physical Therapists in WPB, FL


Patients who have experienced a spinal cord injury almost always experience some sort of mobility loss. In the worst injuries, patients are rendered permanently quadriplegic, meaning that they are unable to move their limbs or experience any sensation from the neck down. In other cases, the arms may be left unscathed, but the legs may no longer function. In some instances, the patient is able to partially or totally recover the ability to stand and walk once the initial shock of the injury has worn off.

​Participation in an intense, comprehensive physical therapy plan is absolutely necessary in cases when a patient must re-learn how to use their legs again. Particularly in cases when a patient was unconscious or otherwise bed-bound for an extended period of time, their muscles may have started to atrophy from a lack of use. 
Physical therapists work with patients to strengthen the muscle tone in their legs, and from there, move on to using repetitive gait training exercises to help the patient’s muscles and brain remember how to communicate with one another properly.  

In instances where a patient has lost a foot, leg or other limb, participation in a physical therapy program may be necessary to allow them to adapt to properly utilizing their prosthetic device.

In the initial stages of physical therapy, a patient may focus simply upon standing on their own and developing balance, whether by utilizing a walker, cane or an overhead harness system. Once the patient is comfortable with standing and balancing independently, they engage in activities which strengthen their leg muscles and assist with walking, such as using a treadmill. 
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